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Safety Guidelines 2021

Safety Guidelines 2021



Looking after you and our crew

At the forefront of our minds is the health and safety of our customers and crew. We have been working hard to make sure our restaurant boat is ready to welcome you back. We want to deliver the same high level of customer service, but there are some slight variations to keep us all safe.

We appreciate that there are a lot of new rules and guidelines. However, it is absolutely critical that we keep our crew and customers safe. If these guidelines are ignored, we will refuse service and ask you to leave.

We are really looking forward to welcoming your back onboard. You can help us make the boat feel as warm and delightful as it was before by following these simple guidelines.

Customer advice notice for boarding & disembarking

Kindly adhere to the following instructions, to keep you and our crew safe at all times during your cruise. Please….

  1. Be prompt with your given boarding time, enabling crew to board the boat from the back to the front. Customers arriving early cannot be boarded prior to their allocated boarding time.
  2. You’ll be offered for your temperature to be taken. If your temperature is high, we strongly advise that you seek medical advice.
  3. Wait outside the boat socially distant from others until your name is called. Remember to bring a brolly in case the weather is inclement.
  4. Whilst boarding the boat unaided pay particular attention to your footing and head whilst embarking and disembarking.
  5. Use the hand sanitizer located on the back of the front door.
  6. Crew will direct you to your table.
  7. We have moved our furniture to keep you and our staff safe, please don’t move furniture around.
  8. Crew will take your drinks order and will serve you drinks and food at your table, please do not approach the bar.
  9. Remain seated at your table at all times, unless using the toilet.
  10. Do not queue for the toilet. Wait until the toilet is unoccupied.
  11. Feel free to use the hand sanitizer located outside of the toilet before entering the toilet and again after leaving.
  12. Wash hands after use for 20 seconds at least and wipe down surfaces used with anti-bacterial wipe provided. Dispose of the wipes in the sealed bin located underneath the hand sink AND DEFINITELY NOT DOWN THE TOILET. OUR BOAT TOILETS ARE NOT LIKE OUR TOILETS AT HOME, THEY BLOCK EASILY IF THEY ARE MIS-USED. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING DOWN THE TOILET OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER.
  13. As handsome as our Chef is do not be tempted to pop in. The galley is forbidden.
  14. At the end of the cruise, we will disembark from the front of the boat

For your safety, rest assured that our staff have been fully trained on procedures during the pandemic to keep you and themselves safe, working alongside government guidelines. We have done everything that is reasonably practicable to keep all safe.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, please listen and be guided by our crew for your safety.

With all that being said, we hope that you have a wonderful cruise with us. Once on board and we get underway for you to enjoy the scenic river Avon, you shouldn’t notice too much difference than our usual cruise.

Lisa Ansell & Nick Longden, proprietors
Glyn Stout, Manager & appointed safety officer
4th May 2021

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